The Difference Between Pj’s and Day Time Clothes

I don’t know the difference between bedtime Pj’s and Day Time clothes*

*Citation: I am reliably informed by my wife.

In my defence… Ah forget it, I know she’s right, I don’t think I have ever dressed her in clothes that are appropriate in relation to where the earth’s daily rotation has got to. But this leaves me with 3 potential conclusions.

1. I am genuinely incompetent and incapable of dressing a 1 year old.

2. It is physically impossible to determine the difference between daytime and bedtime clothing.

3. My wife is playing one long prank on me and will tell me I’ve got it wrong no matter what I dress my child in!

I love my wife and value my health and wellbeing so far be it from me to declare the answer to be option 3 but I refuse to accept answer 1 for the sake of my own dignity!

Far be it from me to beat a dead horse and while I realise I am opening myself up to potentially accurate observations that I’ve spent far too much time thinking about this- I wanted to put forward my theory on the subject.

The Older Your Child Gets The More Blurred The Lines Become.

It probably isn’t a penal offence to dress your child in inappropriate clothing for the time of day but it definitely could be grounds for marriage guidance. (I do wonder whether marriage guidance offers a guide on what constitutes as day time and bed time clothing? If not I shall be asking for my money back and pressing charges around the trade descriptions act. Call yourself guidance? Huh!) But it is definitely easier to do when they’re a baby. I has dressing a baby down to a fine art.

Morning clothes- Baby Grow
Bedtime Clothes- Baby Grow
Baby Is sick- New Baby Grow.

The whole process seemed a lot simpler!

Time rolled on and clothing developed but was still organised by some clearly defined rules of engagement.

Day Time- Variation pretty clothes that often had cute or misleading slogans on. (I have the best daddy ever was one. Maybe “Daddy these are day time clothes” would have been more appropriate.)

Night Time- Baby Grow (welcome back my old friend.)

The problem now is that the baby grow is being phased out in favour of various two piece clothing items that could quite easily in this Dad’s opinion be used as day time clothes.

The sick joke in all this though, is by the time they were phasing the baby grow out of rotation, I had only just about mastered how to put the baby grow on! Have mercy on me world!!!

Alas maybe these mysteries are not to be known in this life or maybe the whole thing is one sick joke sent to confuse and disorientate parents. Maybe even, dare I say it, I’ve spent far too much time and mental energy considering it? You decide.

… Now… Where did I put that baby grow?


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  1. So true my friend so true lol


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