Teenagers: All I know on a post-it!

I know nothing about teenagers. I was one once I think but aside from that I know very little about their strange, seemingly anxiety producing lives. 

But parenting doesn’t stop when they become teenagers, in fact, I am almost certain it gets harder. 

With that in mind, I read a wonderfully interesting blog this week that I wanted to share with you all from Jeff, a Father to a daughter. Jeff was guest posting on “The Dad Squad” which is another blog I would highly recommend you add to your reading list. 

 So sit back, feel uncomfortable, cringe and remember that we’re all going to make it guys. (This confidence is purely based on Jeff so he is to blame if not!) 

Happy Reading! 



One Comment Add yours

  1. Oh yes cringe indeed sooner or later I suppose, let’s just hope for us it’s later lol


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