My kid only seems to like carrots!

Do you feel under pressure to make sure your child eats the right food? In today’s world of social media and advertising, it seems we’re being bombarded left right and centre with varying bits of advice about how to give your child a healthy balanced diet.

Then there are the other parents. I always thought the subjects of politics and religion were emotive topics that people would evangelise over passionately but never did I realise that what you feed your child could be such a divisive subject amongst your fellow parents.

But I get it… I do… you want the best for your child and therefore want to make sure you’re feeding them appropriately but that works gloriously in theory. In practice, what am I to do with my darling daughter who only seems to want to eat carrots!

Roast dinner, Yorkshire puddings, peas, gravy and carrots
She eats the carrots. (The dog seems to get the rest.)

Fish, Chips, Peas and Carrots.
She eats the carrots.

I’ve tried giving her food without carrots and all she does is complain and point towards the cupboard door as if to say:

“Oi, Father of mine, where on earth are my flaming carrots?”

Now I know this probably isn’t the most serious of eating issues, it could be chocolate, cake, chocolate cake (best of both world) or several fatty or sugar infused items. But it is so frustrating when we’re trying to do our best by Emily and give her the best start in life and all she actually wants to eat is…

… you guessed it…


I’m working on a theory that she’s going through a stage and she’ll start eating lots of other wonderful food stuff before she actually turns into a carrot. And she does seem to be inheriting her Dads love of sausages so there is hope yet.

Does anybody have any recommendations for how you deal with fussy eaters?


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  1. says:

    Enjoy the ride 😳


    1. Ha, I like that. No hope provided, just hang on in there right? 🙂

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      1. says:

        Parenting is the greatest adventure you ever experience \ filled with ups and downs and pride, disappointment and yes hope!

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  2. Amal says:

    Thanks for the advice.

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  3. Dewy says:

    Hehehe don’t worry about it. They will eat what their body need. It’s just a phase. My son went through a few months of just rice and soy sauce. He’s taller than his dad now. At one stage the GP was so worried she wrote us a referral for the hospital as he wasn’t tall enough for his age.
    My only rule for all of my kids take one bite if you don’t like it you can spit it out.
    They tend to eat everything now. My son? He’s turning 19 and he experiments with his food. He tries different herbs and spices when he makes scrambled eggs etc. so there’s hope 😂


    1. My daughter is 18 months so I am bowing to your experience 😉 I like your plan. One bite. I shall put that rule in place 😉

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      1. Dewy says:

        just don’t make them eat vegies if you don’t eat them yourself 😂


  4. Dewy says:

    I find if you make food fun they will eat it.
    Use pasta that’s for kids in fun shapes/animals.
    Use dipping sauces to entice. Our kids still dip their blanched vegies (broc, carrot sticks , beans) in mayo.
    Things they can eat by hand.
    Nachos /tacos/wraps
    Use colourful food. Corn on Cobb with butter chicken salt etc. ummm chicken salt is no good but so yummy.
    My kids love tuna mornay. Something creamy with rice goes down easier. They don’t have to chew much. Kids are lazy.
    Sausages, hamburgers , meat balls etc


  5. I really enjoyed reading this 😂! Good luck with Carrots and you are right it could be worse!x


    1. ha, last night she managed to eat all the potato that was mixed around her peas and spit the peas out. It is a talent! Thanks for your comment

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  6. Sue says:

    Your wife lived on chicken nuggets and munch bunch yoghurts for nearly a year and wouldnt look at a vegetable 😁😁😁


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