Teenagers: All I know on a post-it!

I know nothing about teenagers. I was one once I think but aside from that I know very little about their strange, seemingly anxiety producing lives. 

But parenting doesn’t stop when they become teenagers, in fact, I am almost certain it gets harder. 

With that in mind, I read a wonderfully interesting blog this week that I wanted to share with you all from Jeff, a Father to a daughter. Jeff was guest posting on “The Dad Squad” which is another blog I would highly recommend you add to your reading list. 

 So sit back, feel uncomfortable, cringe and remember that we’re all going to make it guys. (This confidence is purely based on Jeff so he is to blame if not!) 

Happy Reading! 


Reflections On Moving Home and an Update

Why do I do it to myself? Moving house!

Recently, I have moved house. It remains one of the most stressful things I ever do in my life (considering the football team I support, that is saying something!) During the moving process, I left myself a week to move things over and the took one final day off work when the “big van” came! A stressful and I am pretty sure life shortening process for all concerned.

Before I go into that thought I wanted to give you all a bit of an update on the blog. We don’t have internet access until May 5th and therefore the posts are going to be infrequent for now. But while you are waiting there are active Facebook and Twitter accounts in the following places:


@foreverbeingdad (Twitter)

With an instagram account to follow soon!

You can also email me on manupmediaoffical@gmail.com. There are a number of exciting projects coming up down the line so email me there if you’d like to be added to a mailing list.

But back to moving…. (Groan)
During the process of moving on that final Wednesday, the entire house got torn to bits. Our bed was in pieces, the sofa came in three bits (who knew?) and the entire house looked like a scene out of a horror movie (Minus the blood and guts of course!)

During moving one load of boxes out of the house I noticed my little girl was crying sat in the middle of the floor. Now she is 1 and doesn’t speak aside from mistakenly calling the dog “Dad” occasionally. But I am convinced the reason she was so distraught that day was because her world, her stability, her reality was coming apart around her.

It made me think….

Stability is so important for young children. She doesn’t care whether she lives in a 20 bedroom mansion or a 1 bedroom flat, but she cares for normality, for stability, to know she is loved and cared for.

Life gets complicated sometimes doesn’t it? But this horrific and stressful moving process gave me a chance to think about how important making sure I am there and I am consistent is to my little girl. After all, we are quite literally her world!