Fear of the hoover

I know someone who is scared of the hoover, and contrary to the state of my living room floor, it’s not me!

Sleeping on the stairs at 4am and my Unreasonable Child!

My 1 year old is totally unreasonable! Yeah, I get it, my 1 year old, is totally unreasonable. Maybe her being a 1 year old is a major part of why. I cannot reason with her on a good day, but I definitely cannot reason with her when she makes totally unconscionable decisions like “It’s…

Losing Your Child

Today, I nearly lost my daughter! Well… ok… I didn’t really nearly lose her, more she made a radical big for freedom and daddy had left the back gate unlocked. Before I knew it she was out the gate, down the path and by the car. Thankfully rather than continue her bid for freedom while…

The Most Important Job Title You Will Ever Have

I will be honest, I have a stupidly ridiculous job title! I actually don’t even write my full job title on my internal emails at work because it’d take up so much space people might think it was a paragraph. My job title also doesn’t really reflect the reality of what I do, which potentially…

Why THIS Blog, and why now?

Forever being daddy is about something massively important. Being a Dad. But why write this blog? And why write it now? Here is the answer, you might be surprised?